WM Tours

WM Tours

WM Tours provides high quality, good value holidays and tours for wine lovers, implementing a flexible, friendly, and knowledgeable approach to the planning and delivery of every element of each visit in Sardinia.

We combine customised travel experiences with a broad range of flexible packages and itineraries. We offer authentic and unique opportunities throughout Sardinia, sharing our passion, expertise, and knowledge with each customer to create unforgettable moments. WM Tours provide unrivalled customer service with a friendly and personalised approach.

Our services will reflect a qualitative, comfortable, informative approach tailored to our clients’ needs. Thus, enhancing greater appreciation of natural environments and local lifestyles whilst providing selected experiences.  Services and products provided by WM tours will initially include pre-arranged tours, custom packages according to client’s specifications, travel consultation, and as time progresses making reservations for lodging amongst other related services.

Wine and Culinary Tour Operator in a sustainable environment. Events: Winter/Spring/Summer and Autumn Festival. Territorial Attraction such as Parks, Mountains, Trails and Hamlets’. Discover Blue Zone Territories such as Seulo, the village were Mery was born and grow up.

WM Tours Team are passionate travellers always seeking to share her cultural experiences, meaningful journeys of own land, costume and lifestyle. A true supporter of the Blue Zone approach to life, indulger of la Dolce Vita and love for local wine. Committed to deliver a Vacation of a Lifetime to selected few.

WM Tours’ mission is to inspire and tell tourists to adventure and explore the world through the eyes of a local. We are committed to simplify all travel requirements, providing the best service possible for our clients giving a once in a lifetime experience.

Some of our tours:

Carnival Experientia

Tour Del Gusto  

Tour Barbagie, Mandrolisai and a Sen-Sorial Tour of Sardinia Blue Zone