Tales Hotels Collection

Tales Hotels Collection

Tales Hotels Collection

The Tales Hotels Collection can be found in some of the most beautiful travel destinations throughout Italy.

We select only hotels that fully embrace the culture, traditions and habits of their location while distinguishing themselves for their exceptional service and outstanding hospitality.

Unlike automated booking engines based on reviews and algorithms, we draw upon our extensive first-hand knowledge of the territory and deep community ties to present you only the best places that guarantee a truly immersive experience.

Human Powered Selection

We believe that no rating algorithms nor online booking engines will ever be able to replace the value of human interaction and expertise. As such, we personally know every single hotel listed in our collection. We carry out a careful evaluation of each property before listing them onto the site, and we regularly visit the owners. This is a guarantee of quality, distinctiveness, and highest standards of service.

Small & Authentic

With only a handful of rooms each, the Tales Hotels Collection are intimate retreats set in charming historic buildings and country estates, perfectly in harmony with their urban and natural surroundings. Their history is closely intertwined with that of their location, thus providing guests with an authentic immersion in the destination they’re visiting.

Independent, with Outstanding Service

We value uniqueness and seek hotels that are locally owned and independently operated. Each property in our portfolio boasts a distinct personality that reflects the local heritage. However, it’s the personal touch and the contagious enthusiasm of the owners and their staff in delivering an engaging guest experience that makes Tales Hotels Collection truly special.

Environmentally Aware

The Tales Hotels Collection are deeply rooted in their local communities and actively engaged in producing benefits for them. They monitor the impact of their business on the environment and are committed to ensuring that they operate as sustainably as possible through the implementation of eco-friendly practices.

Areas we specialize in:  Abruzzio, Apulia-Puglia, Campania, Lazio, Le Marche, Liguria, Lombardy, Piedmont, Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany, South Tyrol, Umbria

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