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Summers Leases

Summer’s Leases Ltd is a hand picked villa rentals and holiday apartments company in Tuscany and Umbria. We are small and highly experienced, established in 1993, with high standards and personal service.

Over 30% of all Summer’s Leases bookings are from returning clients, or friends they’ve recommended us to which speaks volumes.

We are a small, genuinely independent company, proudly offering the kind of knowledgeable and personally customized service that’s (sadly) almost ceased to exist. We are indeed “old fashioned” – but in the best possible sense! As you’ve seen from the technology discreetly woven into our web site, we are old fashioned only in our determination to maintain the very highest standards for our discerning clients.

Our mission is to offer only the best in villa rentals and holiday apartments. The choice is deliberately limited, and we keep it that way! You can quickly check out the type of property that suits your requirements in the safe knowledge that what you see is the best of its type. We offer some superbly opulent luxury choices, some attractive mid-range villas and a range of charming apartments and cottages, each and every one selected for its genuine Italian character and authenticity. You’d be amazed at how many properties we have to reject to ensure you can book a Summer’s Leases property in the happy certainty that you won’t be disappointed!

Areas we specialize in: Tuscany, Umbria

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Holiday types offered by Summer’s Leases Ltd

Italy Villa Rentals


Italy is quintessential villa country and provides great value for the whole family, group of friends or honeymooners. From castles in Tuscany to beach houses in Sicily.


Telephone: 0845 230 2223