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Rather than see the traditionally awesome sights of Europe such as the Colosseum, the Eiffel Tower, and Mt Olympus, one tour operator is taking visitors off the beaten track to explore the rugged beauty of Europe’s countryside. Discover the adventure experience that Secret Italia Tours offer to its discerning clientele following the company’s win in this year’s Travel and Tourism Awards.

The secret to an excellent tour guide is not only being knowledgeable about the area but having a real connection and passion for the area. A charming, family-run boutique tour operator, Secret Italia offers authentic tours across the back roads of Italy’s rugged, and stunning countryside. Going where the locals go, and travellers do not, every moment is a unique moment when travelling with Secret Italia. With a maximum group size of only fourteen people, the true luxury of Secret Italia lies in being able to experience the magnificence of Italy’s best, far from the madding crowd of tourists.

Carefully selecting each and every destination themselves, the team at Secret Italia Tours have created escorted tours that truly highlight everything good about Italian culture. As exciting as it is rich, the culture of local Italian life is highly enjoyable. For all the country’s designer luxury, fast cars, and fine wines, there is one thing that remains the same throughout Italy; the national love of food. Guests can experience a rural food heaven; a natural larder of exquisite tastes. A truly dazzling array of traditional Italian dishes awaits, and guest can sample the rich flavours and intoxicating aromas either beneath the gorgeous sun or the equally radiant moon and stars.

For the more history-loving travellers, Secret Italia’s tours go well beyond the usual offerings of other tour operators. Luxury travel and a superior selection of splendid destinations ensures that this boutique tour operator is surely one of the best at work on the continent today.

All of the leisurely-paced tour itineraries are perfectly designed to be intimate, personal, and flexible for those wishing to see more of Italy’s hidden gems. Secret Italia brings a wealth of experience in the travel and tourism industry to ensure that every single tour leaves guests wanting for nothing. Across the team, there are people who have previously worked as tour operators, travel agency consultants, and guides to name but a few. Tapping into all of the experience that the team bring, coupled with an unparalleled love for travelling across the continent, this firm is outstanding at showing off everything that Italy has to offer once well off the beaten track.

Romanticism abounds in rural Italy, from charming local accommodation and sumptuous culinary experiences, to matchless beauty and private intimacy. Blending unique experiences and local living is sure to leave guests with memories that will be treasured for the remainder of their lives. The travelling fantasy goes on, as the Secret Italia tours leave time each day for personal exploration. Adventurers can forge their own paths across the beautiful land, or lovers of culture can follow in the footsteps of those who carved out hidden pathways and ancient roads that have been trodden for centuries.

Exploring every nook and cranny that Italy has is almost impossible, so Secret Italia begs repeat visitation. Guests can once again hop on the bus and venture down the beaten track to uncover even more of the continent’s hidden gems. The experience will be no less magical, the staff will be no less friendly, and the destinations will be no less stunning.

Secret Italia Tours is a member of The Association of British Travel Organisers to Italy (ABTOI) and the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA)

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Holiday types offered by Secret Italia Tours

City Breaks in Italy


Venice, Rome and Florence offer city breaks like no other but Lucca, Lecce, Bologna, Siena and Palermo beckon with their spectacular art and archaeological treasures.

Escorted Tours


Finely crafted tours are the ultimate way to experience the best of Italy’s scenery, history and culture without the hassle but with local knowledge and expertise.
Food & Wine Holidays


With dozens of food and wine trails across Italy, it’s a chance to sample fine wines and local delicacies direct from producers. Cookery courses are perfect for family holidays.
Tailor made holidays in Italy


For a finely designed itinerary that fulfils all your dreams and fits your budget, ask the expert operators for advice and help whether family, friends or a celebration holiday. ABTOI holiday specialists can help you arrange your perfect tailor-made holiday.

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